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Finance Committee

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James R. Giffel
Mitchell W. Swaner
Adam P. Wright

The Local Union shall elect a Finance Committee of three (3) whose duty it shall be to examine the accounts of the Financial Secretary-Treasurer of the Local Union at the end of each quarter.  They shall examine the bank books and bank accounts and count all money in possession of the Financial Secretary-Treasurer.  They shall, if they deem it necessary, require a bank statement from the cashier of the bank in which the Local Union monies are deposited, and they shall report their findings at a regular meeting the following month. 

The Finance Committee shall have power to examine the accounts of the different Officers any time they deem it necessary to do so, and any officer or member refusing to deliver to such Finance Committee any books, papers, stamps or other matter necessary for such examination, or who shall in any manner harass the Finance Committee in the discharge of their duties, shall be assessed not less than $25.00.